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Meet The Horses

Basil (Peahill Basil)

14hh black registered fell gelding (born 1998).  Basil came to us in the summer of 2010 and is primarily my son’s pony although he does work in the centre sometimes!  He is a real character who is known to try and use his massive bulk to get his own way!!  He is very sweet with it, so you can’t stay cross with him for long.  He has got the most amazing mane and tail and is a very handsome chap (and he knows it!!). 


11.2hh brown Shetland x mare (born 2005).  Ebony came to us in spring 2009 as a just backed 4 year old.  By the summer she was taken small children on beach rides!  She is such a sweetie with the calmest, gentlest nature.  As well as looking after the children on her rides, she also acts as a surrogate mum to Poppy!

Father Ted

15hh bay irish cob gelding (born 2001).  Father Ted is, as you would expect with a name like that, a real character!  He is a pleasure to ride, and our more experienced riders request him all the time as he is arguably the fastest horse we have on the beach gallops (although Tom may have something to say about this!).  He also enjoys his mountain climbing and takes part in the longer trail and day rides

Harry (Uldale Black Avenger)

14hh black registered fell gelding (born 1998). Harry knows his job well and has worked at riding schools a few times before. He is sensible, steady and very well mannered. He also works well in the school and enjoys to jump.

Inara (Lownthwaite Inara)

13.2hh black registered fell pony (born 2008).  Lownthwaite Inara is my personal pony who I bought to bring on when I tragically lost my old competition mare in summer of 2010. Inara was born on the Howgill Fells in May 2008. I regularly compete in both ridden and in hand classes with her, in the summer of 2013 she won the novice ridden class at the Fell Pony Breed show. We are looking forward to another busy show season and lots of beach and trail rides.


14.1hh chestnut welsh cob mare (born 1988).  Jazz arrived at Murthwaite in February 2001 and has stayed here ever since.  She has recently retired fully from working life and is enjoying looking after her young charges!!! Jazz is Murthwaite Green and will have a place here until the end of her life.


16hh piebald irish cob gelding (born 2001).  Joe has been here since 2005 and is one of the favourites of Murthwaite Green.  He is such a fun horse that belies his more heavyweight appearance!  He is a great school horse and is therefore used a lot in lessons.  His favourite pastime is the beach gallops and he just loves the sea – he will paddle deeper than any of the others!!  He is also a fantastic trail ride horse and will cross any terrain without a second glance.

Lotto (Lownthwaite Lotto)

Lotto is a registered fell pony mare (born in 2011). She is also Inara's half sister (sharing the same mum). She was born at the Lownthwaite stud which is on the Howgill Fells nr Penrith. Lotto is currently being backed and will be starting work in the riding school in 2016.


14hh black & white cob mare (born 2002). Megan is a lovely fun pony who enjoys nothing more than a good gallop down the beach. She also loves getting out on the mountains on the trail rides.

Moonlight (Shadowcroft Moonlight)

13.2hh grey registered fell pony mare (born 2003). Moonlight is our latest arrival and has already settled in well. She has a fabulous nature and makes the ideal children's pony - safe and sensible. She is also Summer's Auntie!!!


14.2hh skewbald Irish cob mare (born 2007). Pandora has a lovely laid back nature and will look after the most nervous of rider. She is also happy to have a gallop through the waves!


(Small!) registered Shetland pony mare (born 2008).  Poppy came to us with Ebony:  we didn’t actually go to buy a Shetland pony yearling, it just sort of happened!!  They aren’t related, but Poppy has adopted Ebony as her mum and Ebony doesn’t seem to mind over much!! 

Ruby (Murthwaite Ripley)

13.3hh Registered Fell Pony Mare (born May 2009). Ruby is in the process of being backed after living all her life wild on the fells of Cumbria. On arriving her in September 2014 Ruby hadn't been handled at all. She is now riding away nicely and will hopefully make a nice showing prospect for 2015.



14.2hh black Clydesdale x gelding (born 2005).  We bought Stanley as a very lightly backed 4 year old in 2009 and he has gone from strength to strength.  We have watched him grow and mature (I think he was only about 13.2 when we bought him!.  He is a lovely ride on the beach and has also done a couple of our longer trails as back up horse. 

Summer (Shadowcroft Summers Folly)

Summer is a 13.1hh grey registered fell pony mare (born May 2010). Summer is a great, fun ride who enjoys nothing more than a gallop along the beach. We are looking forward to getting her out on some long trail rides this year. She is also Moonlights neice!!!

Amber (Hotchberry Amber)

Born May 2013. Amber is our youngest member at Murthwaite whom we purchased on impulse at the Fell Pony Sales in October 2013. She is handled daily and loves playing out with her fellow fell pony friends. It's going to be a few years before she's doing any work, but she will be handled regularly in the meantime.


Brandy & Bailey

Our Springer Spaniel yard dogs - born 6 July 2013. These two brothers are full of fun and mischief - watch your gloves, whips, picnics when they are around!!! Always friendly and welcoming to our visitors, they are happy to meet everyone!